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Cantonment Board, Dehuroad

Dehu Road Cantonment, which is one of the newest Cantonments, was established in the year October,1958. The Britishers established Dehu Ordnance Depot and Dehu Ammunition Depot in the 1940s.

Geographical Location: Located in the hills of the Sahyadris. It is located 25 kms away from Pune city on the Western side. Holy River Indrayani is also passing through the Limits of Cantonment Dehu Road.

The Dehuroad Cantonment Board was established in the year 1958 and is a autonomous body controlled by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence. The Cantonment Board Dehuroad is divided into 07 wards in seven villages which includes civil and military population As per Census 2011 the population figure of Dehuroad Cantonment is 48961 which includes military population also. Elections to the Cantonment Boards are held as per the directions of, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi and as per the Cantonments Electoral Rules 2007 and not as per directions of Election Commission of Central or State Govt.

The Cantonment Board consists of 07 elected members elected by the general public by General Election as per Cantonment Electoral Rules 2007 every five years. The Officer Commanding the Station is the President of Dehuroad Cantonment board which is by virtue of the position as per Cantonments Act 2006.

The constitution of Cantonment Board is as under:-

  1. President Cantonment Board
  2. Member Secretary who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Cantonment Board
  3. Vice President
  4. elected members which includes Vice President also
  5. GE MES- Technical advisor
  6. SEMO Medical advisor
  7. 02 nominated military members nominated by President Cantonment Board
  8. Representative of Collector
  9. Member of Parliament,-Special invitee
  10. Member of Legislative Assembly- special invitee
  11. Member of RajyaSabha -special invitee

As per Cantonments Act 2006, there are two wards are reserved for ladies ( 33 % reservation ) and one ward is reserved for SC/ST.As per Cantonments Act 2006, if the population of a particular Cantonment Board is more than 50000 then there are 08 members. However Dehuroad Cantonment Board has only seven elected members since it has less then 50000 population.

All the developmental projects to be carried out within the Cantonment area are to be sanctioned in a Cantonment Board meeting held every month in the presence of all the elected members, President , Member Secretary.

Cantonment Board Dehuroad has also constituted following sub committees as under :-

  1. Civil area Committee
  2. Finance Committee
  3. School Committee
  4. Hospital Committee

The decisions taken by the sub committees are finally approved by the Cantonment Board meeting which is held every month. The term of Vice President is 05 years however by mutual understanding all the elected members get a chance of Vice President ship turn by turn. Within the 05 year term. Dehuroad Cantonment Board is running its own Independent Water Supply scheme 16 MLD capacity for supply of drinking water to the residents of Dehuroad Cantonment. A 50 bedded Cantonment General Hospital is in existence to cater to the needs of civil population of Dehuroad Cantonment. Board also runs 14 primary schools in six mediums in various villages within the Cantonment limits for imparting free education to the children of these villages.

CBDEHU President

Name: Brigadier O P Vaishnav,VSM

The duties of the President are as follows :-

  1. It shall be the duty of the President, Cantonment Board :-
    1. Unless prevented by reasonable cause, to convene and preside at all meetings of the Board and to regulate the conduct of business
    2. To control, direct and supervise the financial and executive administration of the Board;
    3. To perform all the duties and exercise all the powers specially imposed or conferred on the President by or under this Act; and
    4. Subject to any restrictions, limitations and conditions imposed by this Act, to exercise executive power for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Act.
    5. Incase of grass misconduct during the course of meeting to suspend a member other than a Chief Executive Officer from attending the un-conduct part of the meeting of the Board.
  2. The President may, by order in writing, empower the Vice-President to exercise all or any of the powers and duties referred to in Cl. (c) of sub-section (1) other than any power, duty or function which he is by resolution of the Board expressly forbidden to delegate.
  3. The exercise of discharge of any powers, duties or functions delegated by the President under this section shall be subject to such restrictions, limitations and conditions, if any, as may be laid down by the President and to the control of  and to revision by the President.
  4. Every order made under sub-section (2) shall forthwith be communicated to the Board and to the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command.


Chief Executive Officer is an officer of Indian Defence Estates Service cadre of Civil Services and works under the administrative control of Director General, Defence Estates, Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence.Shri Abhijit Sanap, IDES is the Chief Executive Officer of Dehu- Road Cantonment Board at present.

The duties of the Chief Executive Officer are as follows :-

  1. To exercise all the powers and perform all the duties conferred or imposed upon him by or under this Act or, any other law for the time being in force;
  2. Prescribed the duties of, and exercise supervision and control over the acts and proceedings of, officers and other employees of the Board;
  3. Be responsible for the custody of all records of the Board;
  4. Arrange for the performance of such duties relative to the proceedings of the Board or of any committee of the Board or of any committee of Arbitration constituted under the Cantonments Act, as those bodies may respectively impose on him;
  5. Comply with every requisition of the Board on any matter pertaining to the administration of the cantonment;
  6. Subject to any restrictions, limitations and conditions imposed by this Act, to exercise executive power to ensure that the administration of the Board is carried out in accordance with provisions of this Act.

Cantonment Board, Dehuroad Contact Details:

Chief Executive Officer

Shri Abhijit Sanap

Ph. No. 020-27671222

Fax No. 020-27672610

Email: ceodehuroad@gmail.com

About Cantonment Board, Dehuroad Staff:

Contact Numbers of Officers

Sr. No.NameDesignationMob. No.
1Shri Abhijit SanapChief Executive Officer7722090588


Sr. No.NameDesignationMob. No.
1Shri. Shrirang K SawantOffice Superintendent8888892731
2Shri. Rahjan M SawantAccountant9096804489
3Shri. P B ShelarRevenue Superintendent8888892754
4Shmt. Bhagyashri R ShindheOctroi Superintendent8888892738
5Shri. L D TanpureStore Keeper8888892753
6Shri. R.M. SawantAddl. Charge Pension Clerk9096804489
7Shri. D. R. KadamSchool Clerk(Education)9689944406

Engineering Section

Sr. No.NameDesignationMob. No.
1Sectional Engineer
2Shri. P B GaikwadJr.Engineer8888892733
3Shri. Tony AntonyJr.Engineer8888892732
5Shri. M B BhongElectrician8888892743
6Shri. S C BhapkarElectrician8888892744

Computer/IT Section

Sr. No.NameDesignationMob. No.
1Shri. Nilesh KumarProgrammer7720003267


Sr. No.NameDesignationMob. No.
1Dr. T M WaghchoureR.M.O.8888892749
3Dr. Sunita D. JoshiA.M.O8888892751
4Dr. Sami Ahmed ShaikA.M.O8888892742
5Shri Velapure PKPharmacy Officer8888892750
6Mrs. V.V WalkeAsstt. Matron9225395186

Sanitary section

Sr. No.NameDesignationMob. No.
1Shri. R D KasarSanitary Inspecter8888892735
2Shri. M A SayyedSanitary Inspecter8888892734
3Shri. K S GonteSanitary Inspecter & Transport Incharge8888892736

How to reach:

  • Dehu Road Cantonment Board is situated opposite to Dehu Road railway station( Central Railway ). It is 27km away from Pune railway station & 150km away from Mumbai.
  • Local trains are available every 1hr from pune to dehu road & Bus service also available from pune to dehuroad.

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