Narcos Mexico Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Episode List, Story

People who have already binge-watched Narcos Mexico season 3 are looking forward to the new crime drama in the next season. They are anticipating the release of Narcos Season 4. So, in this article, you will find the Narcos Mexico Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Episode List, Story, and other information. We have provided all of the information about your favourite web series.

Narcos Mexico Season 4 Release Date

Narcos Mexico premiered on Netflix in November 2018 as a crime-based drama series with a strong focus on character development. After three successful seasons, fans are eagerly anticipating the fourth. The series is a crime drama about the illegal drug trade in Mexico and Colombia. Continue reading for newly released information.

Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, and Doug Miro produce Narcos Mexico. The first season included a total of ten episodes. Following the success of the first season, the Frenchies release the second season on January 1st. The producers have not stated whether or not the next sequel to the series will be released. According to their release schedule, the next season could be released in November 2023.

Narcos Mexico Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Episode List, Story

Narcos Mexico Season 4 Cast

Narcos Mexico has no official cast list. As previously stated, there is no plan for season 4, but the cast can be difficult to predict. There is a good chance that we will see new faces in Mexico’s drug trade business alongside the old cast members. Some of the main cast members, as well as their roles, are discussed below:

Narcos Mexico Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Story
  • Michael Pena plays the role of Kiki Camarena, a DEA agent of the Felix Organization
  • Deigo Luna plays the role of Miguel Angel Felix, The leader of the Guadalajara Cartel And founder of the Modern Mexican Drug Trade
  • Tenoch Huerta plays the role of Rafa Felix’s business partner
  • Alyssa Diaz plays the role of Mika Camarena – Kiki’s wife
  • Joaquin Cosio plays the role of Don Neto
  • Fernanda Urrejola plays the role of Maria Elvira – Felix’s wife
  • Julio Ceaser Cedillo plays the role of Commander of the Mexican Federal Judicial Police
  • Scoot McNairy plays the role of Walt Breslin  DEA agent and narrator of the story
  • Matt Letscher plays the role of Jaime Kuykendall head of the Guadalajara Bureau of the DEA
  • Andres Londono plays the role of Enrique Clavel Felix’s right-hand man
  • Luis Gerardo Mendez plays the role of VictorTapia a Juarez police officer
  • Luisa Rubino plays the role of Andrea Nunez, a young journalist who was investigating the activities of the Cartel and  works for La Voz De

Narcos Mexico Season 4 Episode List

There are no details for the season 4 episodes because there is no official information about the episodes that has been updated by the creators. However, the episode list for all three seasons is provided below; Narcos Mexico has a total of 30 episodes.

Season NumberEpisode NameReleased Date
Season 1CamelotThe Plaza SystemEl PadrinoRafa, Rafa, Rafa!The Colombian ConnectionLe Ultima FronteraJefe De JefesJust Say No881 Lopa vegaLeyenda16 November 2018
Season 2Salva El TigreAlea Lacta EstRuben Zuno ArceThe Big DigAFOEl DedazoTruth and ReconciliationSe Cayo El SistemaGrowth Prosperity, and LiberationFree Trade13 February 2020
Season 312 StepsComo la FlorLos JuniorsGDLBoots on the GroundLa JefaLa VozLast DanceThe ReckoningLife in Wartime5 November 2021

Narcos Mexico Season 4 Story

The series traces the history of the modern drug war back to its beginnings. The series begins in the 1980s, when Cartel and Felix establish a trafficking empire in California. Kiki Camarena moves there with his wife and young son at the same time to take on his new position. He discovered that his assignment was more dangerous and difficult than he had anticipated. Felix was arrested at the end of the second season after a series of twists and turns.

Season 4 has no storyline in any form, such as visuals or official tweets. The story is said to revolve around the establishment of the drug trade in Colombia and the cause of the Mexican drug war.

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Narcos Mexico Season 4 Updates

It’s bad news for Narcos Mexico fans who are looking forward to the fourth installment. When the third season was released, the show’s creators made some statements to the press about why they wanted to end the show. “This season was a huge success,” Doug said. “I saw this season as the origin story of our modern world.” He went on to say that it felt like bringing the show up to that point for him. They now recognise that the show could be better, but they want to end it now. The show has more cards that can lift the curtain and show you how this all started.

Bernard, the producer, stated that there are more stories in store for them. This is a good time to end because we promised to deliver the story from the modern world in which we live, and we did. We never want to make the same mistake twice.


When will Narcos Mexico Season 4 be released?

Netflix has not yet announced the release date for Narcos Mexico Season 4. However, based on previous seasons, it’s expected to be released sometime in 2023 or later.

Who will be in the cast for Narcos Mexico Season 4?

The cast for Narcos Mexico Season 4 has not been officially confirmed yet. However, it’s likely that some of the main cast members from previous seasons will return, along with new actors playing new characters in the Mexican drug trade.

What can we expect from Narcos Mexico Season 4?

While specific details about the storyline of Narcos Mexico Season 4 have not been released yet, fans can expect more of the show’s signature blend of gritty crime drama, historical context, and cultural commentary. The series will likely continue to explore the complex world of the Mexican drug trade and the people who become involved in it.

How many episodes will there be in Narcos Mexico Season 4?

The number of episodes for Narcos Mexico Season 4 has not been officially confirmed yet. However, previous seasons of the show have had between 8 and 10 episodes each, so it’s likely that Season 4 will have a similar episode count.

Where can I watch Narcos Mexico Season 4?

Narcos Mexico Season 4 will be released exclusively on Netflix. Subscribers will be able to watch the show on their preferred device, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

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