Regional Training Centre Dehuroad

The Cantonment Board has its own regional training centre at MB Camp Cantonment Board Primay School for giving various types of training courses to the Cantonment Board & DEO staff in Southern Command which includes full fledge computer lab. Every month at least one training course is being conducted for the same at the said training centre.

Regional Training Centre (RTC) Dehuroad was established in March, 2011 as a joint effort among all Cantonment Boards in Southern Command under Section 49 of the Cantonments Act,2006 for training of Cantonment Boards staff with the objective of upgrading their skills on a continuing basis. The RTC has been mandated to perform the following functions:

  1. Educating and training Cantonment Board officers and staff in various disciplines relating to Cantonment Administration.
  2. Developing and running orientation programs for fresh recruits in Cantonment Boards and the Defence Estates Organization.
  3. Organizing training modules on specific request from Cantonment Boards and Defence Estates Offices.
  4. Organizing orientation programs and training modules for Cantonment Board members, particularly elected members.
  5. Holding training programs for the staff of Central or State Organizations which have interface with Defence Estates.
  6. Developing study and training material on the best practices available in specific Cantonment Boards or Municipalities and disseminating such material to other Cantonment Boards for information and adoption.
  7. Identifying and recommending to Cantonment Boards advanced courses in India or abroad that would be useful for their staff / officers.
  8. Carrying out or sponsoring social and demographic surveys in Cantonments in order to develop understanding about different social and environmental issues.
  9. Undertaking studies and consultancies, on behalf of Government Organizations in the fields connected with urban governance.

A Governing Council and an Executive Board was established to look into various matters including discipline, course content, fee structure for participants, faculty , calendar / frequency of training programs, hiring of staff etc.

At present, the RTC has the following infrastructure:

  1. One fully equipped computer laboratory with projector facility
  2. A conference hall.

Presently the lodging and boarding arrangements for the participants is being made at the Central Institute of Road Transport, Kasarwadi Pune and the conveyance is provided by the Board to the participants. Expenditure incurred on each course is met through fee imposed on participants and contribution from each Board as per the decision of Governing Council.